[packman] Unresolved dependencies in the suse 9.2 packman repository

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Sun Nov 12 18:17:36 CET 2006

Am Sonntag, 12. November 2006 14:24 schrieb Andrew Halliwell:
> There seem to be a LOT of things in there with dependencies that are
> "not available" in the SuSE 9.2 repository...

Are you sure, you are using is the Packman Repository for SUSE 9.2?

> Just as a few examples....
>                        Package Dependencies
>   Summary
>  Package/LibraryKind of DependencyAdditional Information
>  perl-Gtk2      is required by... (perl-Gtk2 is not available
>  gocr           is required by... (gocr is not available)
>  dvdshrink      requires...
>  The required libraries or packages are not installed.
>       Name     Summary
>       perl-Glib
>       perl-Gtk2
>       gocr
>               [+] Select    [-] Delete    [>] Update
>  [  Solve  ]    [  Ignore All  ]    [  Ignore  ]    [  Cancel  ]
> There are many more like this. Transcode requires "libpvm3.so.0" for
> example And a lot of things require transcode.
> Video-DVDrip requires perl-Gtk2

Thrat's wrong, the Packman package Video-DVDrip doesn't require 
perl-Gtk2, it depends on perl-Gtk-Perl (which is part of the SUSE DVD). 
The new package dvdrip requires perl-Gtk2, and that's the reason, why 
there are only SUSE >= 9.3 packages.

> lxdvdrip requires pvm

pvm-3.4.4-611.1.i586.rpm is part of the SUSE 9.2 DVD and can be also 
found on the SUSE-Mirrors, e.g.

> mpd requires libshout

This seems to be realy a bug, libshout is only available for SUSE >= 
9.3. Konstantin, Toni, could you take a look on it, please?

> vlc requires slang-devel and ffmpeg0-devel

slang-devel is part of the DVD, I can't find a ffmpeg0-devel dependency, 
I can only see libffmpeg0 (>= 0.4.9), and that's available on our site.

> of course, vlc-mozilla-plugin requires vlc

That's clear, isn't it?

> xml-tv requires perl-HTML-Tree

perl-HTML-Tree-3.18-55.i586.rpm is part of the DVD.

> vamps requires libdvdcss (although, I heard that's no longer supplies
> anyway)

That should be removed. We shouldn't have any dependency on libdvdcss 
and there is no program that doesn't work without libdvdcss. Detlef, 
whats going on there?
We are not allowed to provide the libdvdcss, for more infos, take a 
lookt at http://packman.links2linux.de/package/libdvdcss2

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