[packman] Unresolved dependencies in the suse 9.2 packman repository

Andrew Halliwell andrew.halliwell at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 12 14:24:20 CET 2006

There seem to be a LOT of things in there with dependencies that are "not
available" in the SuSE 9.2 repository...

Just as a few examples....

                       Package Dependencies                   
 Package/LibraryKind of DependencyAdditional Information      
 perl-Gtk2      is required by... (perl-Gtk2 is not available 
 gocr           is required by... (gocr is not available)     
 dvdshrink      requires...                                   
 The required libraries or packages are not installed.        

      Name     Summary                                        
              [+] Select    [-] Delete    [>] Update            
 [  Solve  ]    [  Ignore All  ]    [  Ignore  ]    [  Cancel  ]              

There are many more like this. Transcode requires "libpvm3.so.0" for example
And a lot of things require transcode.

Video-DVDrip requires perl-Gtk2
lxdvdrip requires pvm
mpd requires libshout
vlc requires slang-devel and ffmpeg0-devel
of course, vlc-mozilla-plugin requires vlc
xml-tv requires perl-HTML-Tree
vamps requires libdvdcss (although, I heard that's no longer supplies

Anyway... those are just the ones in the multimedia section.
Looks like as the distro got older, bitrot set in as dependencies were just
assumed or neglected. (can't you just have a small suse install image and
run it under a virtual machine to check dependencies when packages get
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