[packman] [PM] ffmpeg 0.4.9 (SuSE 10.1/i686)

Lee Matheson lee at matheson.net
Fri Jun 16 20:44:11 CEST 2006

Please, could you check the audio compatibility of ffmpeg with x264

Babel Fish translation: Bitte konnten Sie die Audiokompatibilität von
ffmpeg mit Format x264 überprüfen?

I've been trying to use ffmpeg to play and decode audio from a high
resolution x264 file, and the audio has not been playing properly, nor
decoding properly.  Instead ffmplay plays the audio at about 1/20th the
speed it should be play (ie a very slow unintelligble bass sound).

For example, I tried "ffmplay file.X264.HiDef.mp4" and while the file's
video displays fine, the audio plays too slow.  My pc is an athlon-2800.

The file does play well under the latest mplayer-1.0pre8 (both audio and
video) .

I have installed from Packman:
faad2- installed.  
plus I have the latest packman versions for all of the other Packman
dependencies for ffmpeg.

I was wondering if this ffmpeg audio problem with the mp4 faad is
because of an option not being enabled during the build of ffmpeg?

Babel Fish translation: Ich wunderte mich, wenn dieses ffmpeg Problem
wegen einer Wahl ist, die nicht während des Baus von ffmpeg ermöglicht

Thank you,

Lee Matheson

Details of the file (according to idvid):
               File: file.X264.HiDef.mp4
              Width: 960 pixels
             Height: 528 pixels
       Aspect ratio: 1.81:1
             Frames: 0
           Duration: 00:35:51 hours/mins/secs
          Framerate: 29.970 frames per second
       Video format: avc1
       Audio format: faad
      Video bitrate: 0 bits per second
      Audio bitrate: 126680 bits per second
     Audio channels: 6 channels
Audio sampling rate: 48000 Hz

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