[packman] MPlayer + rtsp

Technical Support tech at proximasystems.net
Tue Jan 17 12:24:57 CET 2006


What about mplayer with rtstp support?

When I execute the following line:

    mplayer -idx rtsp://root:pass@

Mplayer shows:

Resolving for AF_INET6...
Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6:
Connecting to server[]:554 ...
rtsp_session: Not a Real server. Server type is 'unknown'.
Not a Realmedia rtsp url. Trying standard rtsp protocol.
RTSP support requires the "LIVE.COM Streaming Media" libraries!
Unable to open URL: rtsp://root:pass@

I think it could be an easy task compile mplayer with live.com streaming
media support.

Regards and very much *Thanks for the work* you're doing.

Borja R.

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