[packman] Re: [PM] rpmlint 0.78 (SuSE 10.1/noarch)

Nadia Derbey Nadia.Derbey at bull.net
Tue Dec 5 13:47:58 CET 2006

oc2pus at arcor.de wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2006 13:00 schrieb Nadia Derbey:
>>Can somebody redirect me to the packman bug tracker: when running
>>rpmlint on a package for SuSE Linux, I've got what I think are 2 "false"
>>warnings and I've been told on the rpmlint-discuss mailing list that
>>this should be fixed at the rpmlint packager level.
> I just answered your question on the opensuse-packaging-ML.
> rpmlint is packaged by me :)
> And as I told you, this will be fixed with the next publishing of the package. 
> But the provided config-file is only a speciman! It has no dependencies to 
> real "SuSE"-rules at all. It's just as I use it for my proposes.
> You can configure your own settings in ~/.rpmlintrc. The sample-config is 
> mentioned as a good start for SuSE-packages, but far away from being perfect.

Yeah, I saw your answer but I didn't realize *you* were the packager + I 
did a copy / paste of my mail to opensuse-packaging, without removing 
the 1st problem that will be solved as you told me (sorry for that).

So, happy to know that rpmlint packager is aware of both the problems 
I've got ;-)

But I'm just curious, what is packman bug tracker?


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