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Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at skynet.be
Mon Aug 28 19:45:19 CEST 2006

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Flávio Fonseca wrote:
> Hello Packman team:

Hi Flavio

>   First congratulation for the great site with lots os packages for suse.
>   Second in you FAQ page there's and english flag witch I believe should 
> translate the faq to english. But it's not working. When I click on the flag 
> the page still in german.

Yes. The site works fine, we just didn't translate that page yet ;)

>   Third: do you allow me to rsync your site in order to make it my instalation 
> source in the University I work? I found a lot of very useful packages in you 
> repositories that I could not found in suse distro. I am in a project where I 
> am trying to migrate all the computers in the university to linux, and 
> pachages like mpeg views that suse does not supply are available at your 
> repository. Install you site as instalation source you eat a large bite of my 
> network link, thats why I want to rsync with you, than I would manage to 
> install packages from my internal server.

Most of our mirrors allow rsync.
ftp.skynet.be is one of the fastest mirrors (at least in Europe) and you
can rsync from there:

rsync rsync://ftp.skynet.be/packman/suse/

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