[packman] rsync request

Flávio Fonseca ff at dirpd.ufu.br
Fri Aug 25 19:23:57 CEST 2006

Hello Packman team:

  First congratulation for the great site with lots os packages for suse.

  Second in you FAQ page there's and english flag witch I believe should 
translate the faq to english. But it's not working. When I click on the flag 
the page still in german.

  Tird: do you allow me to rsync your site in order to make it my instalation 
source in the University I work? I found a lot of very useful packages in you 
repositories that I could not found in suse distro. I am in a project where I 
am trying to migrate all the computers in the university to linux, and 
pachages like mpeg views that suse does not supply are available at your 
repository. Install you site as instalation source you eat a large bite of my 
network link, thats why I want to rsync with you, than I would manage to 
install packages from my internal server.

  Thanks for you attention.
Flávio Fonseca
Divisão de Redes
Diretoria de Processamento de Dados
Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

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