[packman] Recent "x264" update broke "kino" on i586 (again)

Manfred Hollstein manfred at die-hollsteins.de
Fri Aug 4 17:47:57 CEST 2006

Hi there,

Can someone please rebuild "kino"? It currently depends on
libx264.so.47 which was provided by x264-0.0svn20060625-1.i586.rpm;
the updated package x264-0.0svn20060728-1.i586.rpm only provides
libx264.so.48 ...

TIA, cheers.


PS: I appreciate you're all doing a great job, but am I wrong in
    assuming that your build-system should track such dependencies
    automatically? FWIW, the same dependency issue probably exists for
    x86_64, too.

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