[packman] amarok, gstreamer and xine plugins under suse9.1

Juan Ehrenhaus juan_ehrenhaus at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 14 12:26:37 CET 2005

I am busy since a few weeks ago with the upgrade to
KDE3.3.2, the upgrade to Gnome2.6 and with amarok
under SuSE9.1. Observation !: All upgrades were
performed via YaST Online with the corresponding
sources, (even Packman is in my source list too) 

The upgrade to KDE 3.3.2 involved also the arts1.3.2
files. After that KDE lost their sounds system
notifications. I have found some solutions one of them
is rebuild the arts files. I’ve got the rpm files from
other people that solve this issue through this way.
My you have interest to add thsi files to your list?
let me know. Now it seems to be solved and the KDE
sound notifications is working properly, as like as
other multimedia applications (Kaffeine, xine (thank
you Packman), xmms, amarok, and, and, and). 

Gnome2.6: The Idea of this upgrade was to get the
proper gstreamer files so that I can use it as a
sound-engine for amarok. But even all my efforts I can
not bring it into operation. The only engine works is
the aRts-engine. 

My petition: 
Amarok: Through Guru I can only get the SuSE9.1,
KDE3.3 rpm files for Amarok but without the gstreamer
and without the xine plugins. He told us about  the
difficulty to build an rpm file considering all the
dependencies for the gstreamer plugin under suse9.1.
But I will not give up, since you (packman) offer all
the xine libraries and applications, and I have
installed it and they work properly,  I think you can
help us (no experienced users) to get an amarok-xine
plugins or even a gstreamer one for SuSE9.1. 

Please let us know your feedback and if this is
possible adding it to your YaST SuSE9.1 source files. 

Thank you in advance


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