[packman] SuSE against own users ?

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at skynet.be
Mon Apr 18 20:58:26 CEST 2005

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fagyas oszkar wrote:
| http://madpenguin.org/cms/?m=show&id=3851&page=2
|>From what it looks like, GStreamer, Arts, and aKode
| (the latter two are both included in the kdemultimedia
| packages) were all compiled without MP3 support.
| Unlike Red Hat, where all you need to do is install a
| single file to resolve, SUSE has crippled their distro
| in such a way that it's extremely difficult to fix.

This article looks very biased to me and pretty unqualified, at least on the multimedia part.
Installing mp3 support is as simple as starting Yast Online Update and selecting the 3 multimedia
packages. You can even do that during the installation stage.

Now, is the author of that article referring to the fact that you have to select 3 checkboxes
instead of 1 as with Red Hat Linux ?
Can't be serious.

To me, it's yet another unqualified Linux user with yet another unqualified review.
Not that everything is perfect with SUSE 9.3 (though I'm yet to find something to complain about),
but this is ridiculous.

| and many many thanks 2 you people ... your
| contribution with good packages get me out of
| unpleasent situation
|  for me the MPlayer and Xine ... and other stuffs
| means alot ... so again thanks ... many many thanks.
|  i appreciate your hardwork ... like very important.

Thanks for your feedback ;)

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