[packman] [multimedia] no cinelerra packaged

Martin Herkt lachs0r at srsfckn.biz
Mon Jun 5 23:12:01 CEST 2017

On 2017 M06 5, Mon 22:49:58 CEST Felix Miata wrote:
> Anyone know if there's good reason it isn't there? Is there something better
> for commercials removal that is there? I've yet to figure out the UIs
> and/or prevent crashing or hangs using anything I've tried to remove
> commercials from the h264 .ts files saved by my FTA satellite receivers.

FFmpeg or mkvtoolnix (can do lossless cutting, need to specify time ranges), 
Blender (has a very powerful NLE), maybe Kdenlive (no experience with it but I 
hear it’s usable).
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