[packman] Problems with gstreamer-plugins-bad and related packages from Packman on TW

Olaf Hering olaf at aepfle.de
Thu Jan 27 11:23:47 CET 2022

Thu, 27 Jan 2022 11:06:19 +0100 Bjørn Lie <bjorn.lie at gmail.com>:

> No I added that one due to knowing that you on packman did not want to 
> build it with full fdk-aac in the past.

I only remember a discussion about it, with the outcome "fdk_aac is not compatible with GPL".

As a result ffmpeg does dlopen to use its functionality.

> - I suspect this could be the reason for the hickup
> # have choice for pkgconfig(fdk-aac): fdk-aac-devel libfdk-aac-devel
> Prefer: -libfdk-aac-devel

If an expanded package name is requested, there will be a conflict due to exact %version-%release Requires in the devel package.
Hence the established practice to refer to capabilities via pkgconfig() instead of ever-changing package names.

Since this package is fully rebuilt anyway there is zero downside in using pkgconfig().

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