[packman] Problems with gstreamer-plugins-bad and related packages from Packman on TW

Bjørn Lie bjorn.lie at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 11:20:21 CET 2022

to., jan. 27 2022 at kl. 11.06 +0100 +0100 skrev Bjørn Lie 
<bjorn.lie at gmail.com> følgende:
> No I added that one due to knowing that you on packman did not want 
> to build it with full fdk-aac in the past.
> Hence I did it this way, so that it would be built with the altered 
> sources we have in main obs, and not the full fdk-aac.
> Take a look at 
> https://pmbs.links2linux.org/project/prjconf/Essentials - I suspect 
> this could be the reason for the hickup
> # have choice for pkgconfig(fdk-aac): fdk-aac-devel libfdk-aac-devel
> Prefer: -libfdk-aac-devel
> ---
> This could however all have been avoided if we switched packman to 
> only build the extra codecs in orig addon.
> Those are the only plugins that differ, and what people need.
> There is no reason whatsoever for rebuilding and providing the 
> "normal" plugins.
> See examples of how this could be done in
> https://pmbs.links2linux.org/package/show/home:zaitor/gstreamer-plugins-bad-codecs
> and
> https://pmbs.links2linux.org/package/show/home:zaitor/gstreamer-plugins-ugly-codecs
> That way there would be no "vendor switching" when installing the 
> extra codecs.
> /Bjørn

I forgot to add: We have added back the bcond for fdk (but kept the 
explicit devel-free), so on next checkin to
Factory, we might end up with the situation where we build fdk-aac 
support in main bad package on OBS, but not on packman at all due to 
%define _without_fdk_aac 1 set in Essential prjconf.
But fine I guess, since at least the people installing the -addon-orig 
package, will have faad2 and faac to handle aac decoding/encoding.

See https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/949331


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