[packman] Hello Everyone!

Simon Vogl simon.vogl at gmx.net
Sat Sep 25 20:34:38 CEST 2021

Hello Everyone!

First things first, my name is Simon Vogl, and I recently joined the
packman mailing lists & signed up for the packman build service with the
user name "DarkWav".

I've been active on openSUSE's regular OpenBuildService under my common
pseudonym "DarkWav" for a little while now, trying to fix individual
bugs of existing packages and I'm currently (co-)maintaining one
official package in openSUSE, namely QMPlay2:

In the past I've often run into the situation that I wanted to package a
proprietary/non-oss application for openSUSE but unfortunately was only
able to do so locally due to openSUSE OBS' Terms of Service, and for
proprietary applications that do allow redistribution in their license
terms that was quite frustrating at times.

In PMBS, I hope to be able to experiment with such packages in my home
Project more freely, and I'm also interested in the ability to link
applications against e.g. fully-fledged FFmpeg libraries.

Potentially, once I feel comfortable about some package's quality and my
ability to maintain it I might even submit something in the more distant
future 😁.

Best Regards,

Simon Vogl a.k.a. "DarkWav"

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