[packman] Permission to access 'hhttp//pacman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_leap_15.2/repodata/repomd.xml' denied.

Mark Fairbairn farcus at gmx.com
Sun Mar 14 07:50:07 CET 2021

Aside form the URL in your title being totally messed up,
packman.inode.at is currently not working.
Changing to another repository will fix your problem.
If you have had trouble changing I'd suggest it is because you haven't
copied the url correctly.

Try . . .


currently working for me

On 13/03/21 10:19 am, Ian McKinnon wrote:
> Hi
> The above message is interrupting my openSUSE Leap15.2 updates every time.
> I have tried changing my packman repository but Yast2 won't 'play ball'.
> Any suggestions as to a workaround, please.
> Regards
> Ian McKinnon
> Silverdale
> Staffordshire
>     - UK.
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