[packman] No audio in exported videos with Openshot

Manfred Hollstein manfred.h at gmx.net
Tue Jun 15 18:22:42 CEST 2021


On Mon, 14 Jun 2021, 15:28:35 +0200, Juan Erbes wrote:
> Hello!
> Since the April update of ffmpeg I am having problems exporting videos in
> Openshot.
> According to what I could find on Reddit, it is due to a bug in ffmpeg
> version 4.4.
> https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenShot/comments/n8bwq9/problems_exporting_audio/
> I'm using Opensuse Tumbleweed and I can't find a way to go back to use the
> ffmpeg packages prior to April this year, to fix the problem with exporting
> videos without audio.

no solution or anything, just a confirmation that similar issues exist
in openSUSE Leap 15.3 for Handbrake; Leap 15.3 also uses ffmpeg-4.4. The
only configuration I can use is Leap 15.2 which is using ffmpeg-4.2.

I already described this, but nobody responded :( Good to have you in
the same boat ;)

> Can you recompile and release the ffmpeg packages prior to April this year?

I already tried to build my own ffmpeg-4.2 stack in PMBS, but too many
packages from outside PMBS (such as mpv) require ffmpeg-4.4, so I gave
up :(

> Thank you very much


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