[packman] chromium-ffmpeg-extra in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed: how is libffmpeg.so loaded?

Wolfgang Bauer e9325712 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Jan 18 11:22:30 CET 2021

Am Sonntag, 17. Januar 2021, 10:56:03 schrieb Dimitrios Apostolou:
> What remains as a mystery to me, is how the library
> /usr/lib64/chromium-ffmpeg-extra/libffmpeg.so gets loaded by Chromium or
> ffmpeg. I have grep'ed or strace'd my whole system with no results. That
> path is not listed anywhere. I am starting to believe that this package is
> not working any longer.
AFAIK, chromium itself doesn't use chromium-ffmpeg-extra since quite a while, 
and shouldn't need it anyway as it is actually built against ffmpeg (so you 
could say it has chromium-ffmpeg-extra built in).

I.e. as Dave Plater wrote, chromium-ffmpeg-extra is only useful for "browsers 
based on Chromium", mainly Vivaldi I think, and not chromium itself.

Maybe check that all other ffmpeg related packages come from Packman too:
zypper se -s libav

And/or try to do a full switch to Packman:
zypper dup --from "Packman Repository"

I don't use chromium myself though (nor Microsoft Teams, nor Tumbleweed) ...

Kind Regards,

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