[packman] PMBS and the future - again :)

Stefan Botter jsj at jsj.dyndns.org
Sat Feb 6 08:47:46 CET 2021

Hi Henne,

Am Freitag, den 05.02.2021, 17:40 +0100 schrieb Henne Vogelsang:
> On 2/4/21 3:18 PM, Stefan Botter wrote:
> > I will move my VMs including PMBS to a public hosting company.
> > I have ordered a suitable machine
> Is there anything one can do to chime in somehow? How do you plan to 
> cover the costs?

Thank you for asking!

As I run several VMs on my hosts ATM, I will transfer them all to the
hosted machine, and most of them are my private ones (mail server, own
build server instance, cloud storage, monitoring etc.). PMBS is just one
VM, and although it takes the most storage space compared to my other
applications, I would have bought such server anyway. So - my money is
well spent, and PMBS is just a goodie :)

In terms of build power we will have to see. ATM I run 4 build workers
on my servers (2x Dell R810 = quad CPU 8 core Westmere EX with 384GB
RAM) - buildwk1 to buildwk4, all of them 12 cores, 32GB RAM, 120GB SSD.
I will certainly not go that big with the hosted server to be able to
provide this massive build power. There will probably one build worker
with the amount of resources I can spare from the hosted machine.
The swkjt02 and -3 workers are on loan for the time being, and they can
vanish any time, as the hardware is quite old (~ 2008), and may fail any
time, or the owners might decide to use them differently or scrap them.

Long story short, to increase build power you can chime in.
If you have an idle machine, I can provide you with specifics for a VPN
connection and setup instructions to provide a build worker.

Workers can be available part time, as you can see with the aarch64 and
armv7l workers. Even swrj01-3 are connected that way, they are sitting
right beside me on my desk at home (they do not produce intense noise or
heat :).

But first let me migrate all VMs to the new hosting location, and have a
look then.


Stefan Botter zu Hause
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