[packman] A segmentation fault in attempting to have the Qt window of vlc-beta-20211210.736213df13-pm153.17.1.x86_64 fully loaded in a 64-bit, openSUSE, Leap-15.3, Linux operating system installed in VirtualBox

Lawrence Patrick Somerville spring2014day at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 19:36:00 CET 2021

Sorry, I need to make a correction and addition. While lying on my bed I
realized that I could have used yet another version of vlc-beta, namely one
released on December 6, 2021. Looking at my notes I noticed that I briefly
used version 20211206.07ed287157-pm153.16.1-x86_64 vlc-beta on December 6,
2021. My result in trying to get the default, Qt interface of
vlc-beta-20211206.07ed287157-pm153.16.1-x86_64 loaded was "Segmentation
fault (core dumped)" and with that main window for that version of vlc-beta
appearing for a fraction of a second on my Leap-15.3 desktop. So below I
provide you with a table of some of my results and some conditions using
four versions of vlc-beta in my installation of the Leap-15.3, Linux
operating system within Oracle (Corporation) VM (Virtual Machine)
VirtualBox. Despite the fact that the VirtualBox versions I have been using
have at least usually had amd64 associated with them, which probably stands
for a 64-bit Advanced Micro Devices central processing unit (cpu), my Dell
notebook computer actually has an Intel Corporation cpu in it. From within
https://virtualbox.org/ on the Internet I generally just downloaded the
Windows versions of VirtualBox for upgrading VirtualBox where, as I recall,
there was no distinction made between AMD and Intel Corporation cpus.--So
despite the amd64 label that I noticed, I suspect that those installation
files for VirtualBox for Windows operating systems may be suitable for
either AMD or Intel Corporation cpus. I think the label Qt 5.6.2 has been
associated with VirtualBox versions since at least July of the year 2020.
According to reference 99 of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSUSE#Releases,
Qt 5 appears to date from about December 19, 2012. And lots of software
packages installed in my Leap-15.3 installation which include "Qt" or "qt"
in their names include "Qt5" or "qt5" in their names.

Table 1. Some conditions and results obtained using four recent versions of
the software package vlc-beta from the Packman repository.

Version number of vlc-beta from the Packman, online repository

vlc-beta version release date in the year 2021

VirtualBox version used

Linux kernel version used in my Leap-15.3, Linux “guest” operating system

A result while trying to fully load the Qt interface of vlc-beta and, if
possible, play a .mp4 file via that interface


October 28

6.1.28r147628 (probably Qt 5.6.2 and amd64) and 6.1.30r148432 (Qt 5.6.2,

5.3.18-59.27.1-default with VirtualBox 6.1.28, 5.3.18-59.34.1-default and
5.3.18-59.37.2-default with VirtualBox 6.1.30

It gratefully fully worked well for me!


November 4

6.1.28r147628 (probably probably Qt 5.6.2 and amd64)


Main window for vlc-beta invisible. A .mp4 file was opened via a tray icon
for vlc-beta. Audio okay, video not displayed while playing that .mp4 file


December 6

6.1.30r148432 (Qt 5.6.2, amd64)


Segmentation fault (core dumped).The main Qt window briefly appeared.


December 10

6.1.30r148432 (Qt 5.6.2, amd64)


Segmentation fault. The main Qt window was mostly transparent.

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