[packman] Are kodi.binary-addons-pvr.iptvsimple and kodi.binary-addons-vfs.sacd ready for 19.0 ?

Manfred Hollstein manfred.h at gmx.net
Sat Apr 3 09:44:04 CEST 2021


On Fri, 02 Apr 2021, 19:37:10 +0200, ndordea wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems that 
> kodi.binary-addons-pvr.iptvsimple,  
> kodi.binary-addons-vfs.sacd
> are at level 18.9-pm152.16.1  ,  not ready for 19.0.
> Could you please have a look at these attachments and tell me if 
> the above two modules are still needed in 19.0 ?

first of all, none of the kodi.binary-addons* packages are _needed_ to
make kodi be usable. You decide on your own, which one you actually
_need_. I for instance only have kodi.binary-addons-pvr.vuplus installed
in addition to the kodi package itself. You certainly also don't need
the kodi-devel package, unless you want to develop additional addons for
kodi yourself.

Wrt/ kodi.binary-addons-pvr.iptvsimple, it does not exist as it cannot
be built in our environment (has issues with rapidxml).
IIRC, kodi.binary-addons-vfs.sacd has been deprecated quite some time
ago and even got removed during the lifetime of kodi-18.9.

> All other kodi elements seems ready for 19.0  but zypper up  does not trigger the kodi 19.0 
> upgrade . 

Yeah, probably because there are no upgrade candidates for the above two

> Is it something special done to trigger kodi 19.0 upgrade ?

If I were you, I'd first remove all installed kodi* packages. Then just
install kodi itself and really only those from the
kodi.binary-addons-vfs.sacd* front which you know you really want/need

> Thanks,
> ND 

HTH, cheers.

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