[packman] aMule for Leap 15.1

Massimo Spiller i.the.ace at outlook.com
Mon Sep 9 10:44:00 CEST 2019

aMule eats up all the memory of my system (and a big piece of CPU too) and system freezes at the end. Removing download limits (as suggested here: http://forum.amule.org/index.php?topic=18543.0 ) is useless.
I see in changelog that now  wxWidgets >= 3.0 are enabled....maybe this is the problem.
I tried both Leap 15.0 and 15.1 and the problem is the same (now I'm on 15.1).

I can't find any version more updated than aMule-  on packman repo.
In august Dave pointed to this version that I can't find any more: http://pmbs-api.links2linux.org:8080/home:/davepl/Leap_15.1/x86_64/aMule-

Is there a way to get the previous version, as far as I remember in may/june aMule worked fine.

Thanks in advance.

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