[packman] [PM] kodi 17.6-lp150.5.3 (openSUSE_Leap 15.0/x86_64)

Olaf Hering olaf at aepfle.de
Sat Mar 9 22:02:56 CET 2019

On Tue, Mar 05, Sagi Ben-Akiva wrote:

> I'm currently having some build issues in Kodi 18.1 due to some changes
> they did, which Manfred already mentioned.
> I guess I will create a pull request for 18.0 with only the binary afdons
> which I'm able to build, and later will release an update 18.1

I think we should move on with kodi. For 42.3 and SLE12 we may just
fork a A-sle12_kodi* pkg and stick with the current version.

It seems it was never stated why upstream requests a certain version
of sqlite3, libarchive and whatever else is not in suse_version=1315.
I suggest to just patch that out of our variant of kodi. There will be
no downside for releases that do have the versions that upstream thinks
it needs at runtime.

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