[packman] Question about VLC

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at tmo.at
Wed Jun 12 20:40:08 CEST 2019

Am Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019, 20:08:44 schrieb jdd at dodin.org:
> Le 12/06/2019 à 19:19, Wolfgang Bauer a écrit :
> > Packman's vlc package is just a link to the version from the standard
> > repos
> > (with additional codecs enabled).
> from the *source repo*, I guess, else how can one enable the codecs?
Yes, from the corresponding Update repo on OBS.

The codecs are conditionally in the source package in the standard openSUSE 
version already, in Packman just a flag is needed to actually enable them.

Btw, nowadays vlc-codecs is not necessarily needed anymore as the standard 
version is built against ffmpeg and can use all codecs the installed ffmpeg 
And there's also support for gstreamer plugins.

> thanks for the good work
TBH, I'm not involved in Packman myself, nor in vlc... ;-)

Kind Regards,

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