[packman] broadcom-wl driver

John Shand jshand2013 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 00:37:36 CEST 2019

Hi there, not too sure if i should send you an email or not, just
letting you know that the driver works flawlessly, however, i have one
issue with security on an opensuse tumbleweed system:

[   18.283437] wl: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.
[   18.283443] wl: module license 'MIXED/Proprietary' taints kernel.
[   18.283444] Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint
[   18.285876] wl: module verification failed: signature and/or
required key missing - tainting kernel
[   18.322490] wlan0: Broadcom BCM4359 802.11 Hybrid Wireless
Controller (r587334)

i am concerned that this module will do damamge to my system because it
comes across as tainted and unverified.

please let me know your thoughts on this


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