[packman] Kodi PVR addons issue

AbdulMajad Qureshi qureshia at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 18:45:25 CEST 2019


I'm running OpenSuse Leap 42.3 & my version of Kodi got updated to 18.3
after I ran an update a few days ago, but the IPTV Simple Client that I was
using was removed.  I looked through the repo & saw that it wasn't
available anymore.  I kept looking for a version/repo that I could download
from & recover it, but so far no luck.  I had to revert to a previous
snapshot in order to revert back to Kodi 17.6 with the Simple Client
restored to be usable again.  I browsed through the rest of the repo &
found that the client isn't available past Leap 42.2.  Other PVR addons are
listed, but the IPTV Simple Client isn't for Leap 42.3 & Kodi 18.  Do you
know if it will become available again for Kodi 18?  I've had to set Kodi
to not update in Yast to prevent it from happening again & losing the

Thanks for your attention,


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