[packman] Introducing myself

Antonio Larrosa antonio.larrosa at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 20:24:46 CET 2019


I'm Antonio Larrosa, SUSE developer for more than 5 years (alarrosa in
build.opensuse.org) and KDE developer for over 22 years. During my worktime
I mostly work on issues related to the SLE Desktop but also on openSUSE. On
my spare time I've lately packaged some tools for openSUSE and fixed/added
some features to MusicBrainz's Picard and borgbackup's Vorta GUI. I also
work when I can on my own music manager: Bard.

I've used packman for a very long time (you really do a great job providing
missing packages in openSUSE) and would like to contribute on my reduced
spare time with some work on libx264 and x265 in order to support 10 and 12
bits color depths in ffmpeg.

I've created an account on pmbs.links2linux.de named "antlarr" (which is my
irc/twitter/etc. nickname). Could someone activate it?


Antonio Larrosa

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