[packman] Re : ffmpeg-4 for Leap 15.0

David Walker David at WalkerStreet.info
Wed Jan 16 21:13:21 CET 2019

FYI, I have sound now.  I suspect it must be that my testing after
installing libavdevice58 (late) last night was flawed; perhaps I hadn't
restarted something.

If that's the case, some thought could be put into ensuring that people
get libavdevice58 installed, as it's not pulled in by zypper dup --from
packman, there being no libavdevice*58* in OpenSUSE's repositories.


On 1/15/19 11:21 PM, David Walker wrote:
> Thanks, Guillaume.  Are you saying that the ffmpeg-4 package itself
> isn't really needed, only the libraries?  ffmpeg-4 is the only thing
> that has only a source rpm.  Looking over the x86_64 packages in
> https://pmbs.links2linux.de/package/show/Essentials/A_15.0-ffmpeg-4, I
> saw that libavdevice58 hadn't been installed, so I installed it, but I
> still don't get any sound from Firefox (or Vivaldi) for Youtube. 
> Chrome and Chromium are OK.
> David
> On 1/15/19 5:41 AM, Guillaume GARDET wrote:
>> It seems to be available: https://pmbs.links2linux.de/package/show/Essentials/A_15.0-ffmpeg-4
>> Guillaume
>> ----- David Walker <David at WalkerStreet.info> a écrit :
>>> Ffmpeg-4 doesn't seem to be available for openSUSE Leap 15.0, only
>>> Tumbleweed.  Any chance of making it available?  I'm having problems
>>> with audio playback in Youtube, etc. that seem to be related to not
>>> having ffmpeg-4 installed.
>>> Thanks for all the work you guys do!
>>> David

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