[packman] kodi-18.x: Status and issues wrt/ Leap 42.3 and Leap 15.0

Manfred Hollstein manfred.h at gmx.net
Thu Feb 21 14:09:49 CET 2019


On Wed, 20 Feb 2019, 20:24:32 +0100, Manfred Hollstein wrote:
> Hi there,
> while openSUSE_Leap_42.3 is still supported, it appears that Kodi
> developers give a shit about it - they're mostly developing on and for
> Ubuntu Linux :(
> I still run most of my systems on Leap 42.3, so my focus is how to get
> that beast (including the related binary-addons) built on and for 42.3.
> Here are my findings:
> 1. Kodi 18.0 built fine, but kodi.binary-addons needed some additional
>    packages, which are not available by default for Leap 42.3.
>    * nlohmann_json: This package is only needed for building
>      kodi.binary-addons, because it's just a C++ template header
>      library. I therefore created a working version in my home:manfred.h
>      repo in PMBS to be only used for building for Leap 42.3.
>      Again, there are no runtime implications!
>    * libarchive13: One addon (kodi.binary-addons-vfs.libarchive) needs
>      a newer version than what's available in Leap 42.3. If someone
>      actually uses this addon, (s)he should add the related package from
>      my home:manfred-h repo, which is where I built a linked copy of the
>      libarchive13 package from Leap 15.0. WARNING: I did not
>      test if this actually works because I don't need/use this
>      particular addon!
> 2. Kodi 18.1 added further requirements: they now need a newer sqlite3
>    than available in Leap 42.3. Again, the version from Leap 15.0 builds
>    fine for 42.3, but it is needed to install the resulting kodi-18.1
>    package :( Good thing: it just works, so just use the package from my
>    home:manfred.h repo :)
> 3. Kodi 18.1 binary-addons: Two screensavers (asterwave and cpblobs)
>    apparently now need glm-devel for building, but then fail because the
>    version provided by 42.3 and 15.0 is too old. I have therefore
>    disabled these two screensavers.
> I have successfully built the packages here in my local environment, now
> waiting for them to build in PBMS. The resulting packages will be
> available from home:manfred.h, are fully usable and can be installed on
> Leap 15.0 and 42.3; I must admit, though, I only use
> kodi.binary-addons-pvr.vuplus from the binary-addons packages, so can't
> tell about the other addons.
> If anyone wants to test these packages, please add my home:manfred-h repo
> and try them out. Your feedback will be highly appreciated!
> I have also submitted my changes to sagiben who is the actual maintainer
> of the Kodi and related packages, but due to the issues wrt/ 42.3 I
> thought, it would be good to describe the status and challenges.

small update for Leap 42.3:

  the packages libarchive and sqlite3 apparently did not change their
  binary interfaces, which means the binary RPMs are not actually needed
  for installing the resulting kodi* RPMs.
  As said before, I have now tested those packages I normally use (kodi
  and kodi.binary-addons-pvr.vuplus) on Leap 42.3 with the named
  packages installed from Leap 42.3 (i.e., not the packages built in my
  home repo!), and everything works properly (again, for me).

I have therefore disabled distribution/publishing of these "build
helper" packages now.

Again, if you want to test them, I'll appreciate any feedback!

HTH, cheers.

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