[packman] Build for ppc64le

Stefan Botter jsj at jsj.dyndns.org
Thu Aug 29 11:18:01 CEST 2019

Hi Jonathan,

sorry for not replying earlier - I am on vacation, and thus not always 

Am Freitag, 23. August 2019, 12:46:12 CEST schrieb Jonathan Brielmaier:
> Oke. So we need only a machine, hosting would be provided by the
> Packman project? Do build machines for packman have certain
> requirements, like height (1U, 2U...), BMC, maximum power, cooling,
> network etc?


> Do you have any budget to buy one?

Sadly - no.
> A new POWER9 (compatible to POWER8) machine with 8 cores/32 threads
> would cost some 3.000 Euro including a case (2U, as there is no fan
> for 1U), some RAM and a SSD. Mainboard, CPU and fan would come from
> RaptorCS[0].
> I could ask openSUSE, SUSE, IBM and RaptorCS if they can provide some
> funding or offer us some discounts...

At the moment (I have to emphasize: NOW) PMBS is running on legacy 
hardware kindle provided by my employer Jacobs University Bremen, where 
I have rack space, power and Internet uplink available.
Most of the workers (named swkj??) are also hosted there, they are 
legacy machines from 2006-2008, and build packages for x86_64/i586. 
There are also several workers provided by fellow package builders, 
which run on their premise, and are connected via a VPN tunnel to the 
build server (all aarch64 and armv7l workers).

This setup will change in the near future, at the moment I am not at 
liberty to disclose any pending changes at the moment, but hope to do so 
in a few days.

That said, a remote participation of workers is the most probable way to 
include ppc64le workers, eg. if you have a machine, or have access to 
it, I can provide you with VPN access credentials and a short 
instruction, on how to setup the worker software.


Stefan Botter zu Hause
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