[packman] Build for ppc64le

Jonathan Brielmaier jonathan.brielmaier at web.de
Fri Aug 23 12:46:12 CEST 2019

Oke. So we need only a machine, hosting would be provided by the Packman
project? Do build machines for packman have certain requirements, like
height (1U, 2U...), BMC, maximum power, cooling, network etc?

Do you have any budget to buy one?

A new POWER9 (compatible to POWER8) machine with 8 cores/32 threads
would cost some 3.000 Euro including a case (2U, as there is no fan for
1U), some RAM and a SSD. Mainboard, CPU and fan would come from RaptorCS[0].

I could ask openSUSE, SUSE, IBM and RaptorCS if they can provide some
funding or offer us some discounts...


[0] https://raptorcs.com/content/base/products.html

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