[packman] chromium-plugin-widevinecdm broken after updating Chromium to version 71 on Leap 15

Timo Sigurdsson public_timo.s at silentcreek.de
Fri Dec 28 22:27:06 CET 2018


a few weeks ago the widedevinecdm plugin for Chromium stopped working on my openSUSE Leap 15 system. I thought I'd wait a coupe of days and see if the issue gets resolved by a subsequent update, but that didn't happen yet. I just confirmed on a second system that it works in Chromium 70, but after an update to 71 the plugin stops working.

Is there anything I can do on my systems to fix this or will the package need to be updated?

Btw. the widevine plugin works fine in Firefox (it has a higher version number in Firefox though).

Thanks and regards,


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