[packman] SMPlayer OK, green screen on VLC

Martin Herkt lachs0r at srsfckn.biz
Thu Oct 5 14:17:23 CEST 2017

On 2017 M10 5, Thu 09:38:10 CEST Felix Miata wrote:
> Hans-Peter and Rob got me going some days ago with .ts files made from one
> of the two FTA DVB sources I most often record, by changing in VLC
> preferences video output from automatic to OpenGL GLX video output:
> http://lists.links2linux.de/pipermail/packman/2017-September/015398.html
> From my other primary source, SMPlayer produces expected video, but VLC
> (either OSS version or Packman version 2.2.6-8.1.x86_64) usually outputs
> only green, sometimes green with a bunch of blotching as if source was
> inadequate. If I change back from OpenGL GLX video output to automatic,
> then output is a constant flashing back & forth between green screen &
> expected output.

Uninstall libvdpau_va_gl1. Disable hardware decoding if problem persists.
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