[packman] h264 und Leap 2

Hartmut Krummrei spieluhr at ewetel.net
Tue Mar 21 20:39:54 CET 2017


did I miss something? I am not able to play h264-Videos with Opensuse 
Leap 42.2. Im a long-time-user of Suse and know very well how to install 
multimedia-libs. Normaly I install xine+xinelib2+line-codecs and 
everthing is okay. Now I installed gstreamer good, bad and ugly, 
xine-codecs, vlc-codecs, ffmpeg and tried to play with xine, VLC and 

Output from xine:
xiTK received SIGSEGV signal, RIP.

from VLC:
core decoder error: Codec `h264' (H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10)) is not 
core decoder error: Codec not supported
core decoder error: VLC could not decode the format "h264" (H264 - 

from ffplay:
No codec could be found with id 86018
No codec could be found with id 28

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