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Malcolm malcolmlewis at cableone.net
Sat Jan 14 23:28:55 CET 2017

On Sat 14 Jan 2017 10:48:14 PM CST, Luigi Baldoni wrote:

>Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 10:22 PM
>From: "Olaf Hering" <olaf at aepfle.de>
>> On Sat, Jan 14, Luigi Baldoni wrote:
>> >    Hello,
>> > what do you think of cups-pdf in Essentials? Would it be possible
>> > to link it from Factory or is it not essential enough?  
>> IMO it depends on the usecase. Is it selfcontained? Last time I
>> talked to jsmeix it was "problematic", if thats indeed the same
>> pkg.  
>From what I can tell it has rather meager requirements.
>But if it has problems I'd like to know.
>> I see its in TW and 42.3. We may link it for 42.2 at least. But then,
>> whoever needs it can grab it from the devel repo.  
>Thing is one ends up with pulling in a number of other packages with
>an extra repo installed. There's always the risk of messing up
>the system.
>Pretty please?:)
So what if an openSUSE User who doesn't want packman but does want
cups-pdf for 42.2, they are SOL?

They use devel repos and know the risk, they install and disable the
Printing repo, or they download and manually install all from OBS, I
think our current max repos added by a user with issues was 108 on the
forums ;)

@olaf, I think you will wind up going down a sticky road once you start
re-adding stuff that can be built on OBS... If it makes it to
Tumbleweed, then it gets in the next release if maintainers push...

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