[packman] PMBS - quo vadis?

Bjørn Lie zaitor at opensuse.org
Mon Feb 27 13:58:43 CET 2017

lø., 25.02.2017 kl. 10.44 +0100, skrev Olaf Hering:
> Am 24. Februar 2017 18:06:36 MEZ schrieb Olaf Hering <olaf at aepfle.de>
> :
> > Take your power as package maintainer and move everything thats
> > not supposed to be in bad/ugly into good.
> What about two non-overlapping pkgs? OBS  builds just plugins-bad,
> and PMBS builds just plugins-bad-orig-addon. The gain is no vendor
> change with zypper dup. This can be achieved with either two spec
> files, or with BUILD_ORIG hackery in a single spec file. 
> Olaf

That will have the "outcome" I was hoping to get via publish filter.

As to the idea itself, this is something we can look into, but
personaly I'll prefer to wait for the upcomming 1.12 branch, where we
should (hopefully) be able to use configure to achive that.

How other "3 party" repos will look on that change is a different
matter. We'll tackle that problem if it becomes a reality.


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