[packman] Mythtv buildtime

Oscar oscar at naiandei.net
Mon Feb 27 01:00:33 CET 2017

El 2017-02-18 13:11, Olaf Hering escribió:
> Did anyone spent time already to investigate how the build time of the
> mythtv packages can be reduced? It takes nearly a day on ARM, which
> prevents publishing of Multimedia.
> I only looked briefly at the sources. There is apparently a copy of
> ffmpeg and other libraries for which binary packages already exist.
> Even reducing the number of BuildRequires would be a win because the
> pkg could be scheduled earlier for building.

I will take a look at it, something is clearly wrong with mythtv. On my 
arm box, mythpreviewgen (the program to generate the thumbnails for 
recordings) doesn't work, fails with a SIGBUS error.

> Thanks,
> Olaf


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