[packman] Problem with amule

Massimo Spiller i.the.ace at outlook.com
Mon Feb 27 11:24:57 CET 2017

@Luigi Baldoni
amule bug tracker reports a lot of entry about memory leaks ... but many are older then latest release (6 december).
Moreover (about my case at least), the critical problem is emerged in the last 15 days more or less.

Critical, I mean that it is impossibile to use aMule, since it goes immediatly out of control. In past months, otherwise, sometimes I had problems with memory leaks, but a simple kill and re-launch solved.

So I would even write an entry in aMule bugzilla, but is it usefull?
Maybe just a new binary released by Packman could fix the minimum (supposing that's a wxWidgets related problem, that I think have been upgraded in openSUSE during the past weeks, but I'm not certain).


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