[packman] what happened to libslv2?

Mathias Homann Mathias.Homann at opensuse.org
Wed Feb 22 22:30:49 CET 2017


whatever happened to the slv2 package?

I have this installed on my system:

kirika:~ # rpm -qi libslv2-9
Name        : libslv2-9
Version     : 0.6.6
Release     : 4.7
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: Fri Dec 16 22:29:23 2016
Group       : System/Libraries
Size        : 56592
License     : GPLv2+
Signature   : RSA/SHA1, Thu Dec 15 17:30:36 2016, Key ID 45a1d0671abd1afb
Source RPM  : slv2-0.6.6-4.7.src.rpm
Build Date  : Thu Dec 15 11:23:04 2016
Build Host  : swkj16
Relocations : (not relocatable)
Packager    : packman at links2linux.de
Vendor      : http://packman.links2linux.de
URL         : http://drobilla.net/software/slv2/
Summary     : Library for slv2
Description :
The libslv2-9 package contains the slv2 library.
Distribution: Essentials / openSUSE_Leap_42.2

...but it is not on packman anymore! and uninstalling it from my system would 
uninstall all number of gstreamer related stuff, and also any number of apps 
that use gstreamer...

Where did that package disappear to?


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