[packman] Any interest and resources to host snapshots of packman to coincide with Tumbleweed Snapshots?

Jimmy Berry jimmy at boombatower.com
Thu Dec 7 04:35:33 CET 2017

Something I considered when working on the concept, but would be
better to use the same mirrors. Basically all that is needed is a
directory tree with the Tumbleweed snapshot number at the top and the
repo underneath. This can be accomplished with hardlinks and rsync
should recreate them on mirrored copies, with the right options (if I
am not mistaken). The script I have should be fairly easy to adjust
for the structure of packman vs the product repositories which it
currently snapshots.

Basically, whenever a new snapshot is pushed to the snapshot
repository against which packman builds the already published binaries
should be snapshotted. Any binaries published after that should be
assumed to be fore the new snapshot. The existing repository can be
provided as is and even redirected to if the snapshot requested is the
current one as I do with product repositories.

Some information about the concept is contained in the links below
with an overview video at the second link.



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