[packman] [PM] minidlna 1.1.6-1.1 (openSUSE_Leap 42.1/x86_64)

serkbugs serkbugs at yandex.ru
Mon Oct 31 01:20:37 CET 2016


I use your package from subj on my opensuse for a long time and with last 1.1.6-1.1 update my TV stopped playing files from my PC. 
I made some research and found that developers added new flag "wide_links" for configurations where in media_dir user uses symlinks. 
In the file "minidlnaconfig" from your newly built rpm this new parameter does not exist. 
Could you please apply a patch and rebuild a new version or at least send me to the person who is responsible of patching this package?

Patch should be something like(tested on my system - new parameter was prepopulated to /var/lib/minidlna/minidlna.config):

--- minidlnaconfig	2014-06-07 18:29:48.000000000 +0400
+++ minidlnaconfig	2016-10-31 03:01:56.691545404 +0300
@@ -78,6 +78,9 @@
 if [ ! "$max_connections" == "0" ]; then
   echo "max_connections=$max_connections" >> $CONFFILE
+if [ ! "$wide_links" == "" ]; then
+  echo "wide_links=$wide_links" >> $CONFFILE
 echo "db_dir=$DBDIR" >> $CONFFILE
 echo "log_dir=$LOGDIR" >> $CONFFILE
 if [ ! "$rescan" == "no" ];


Thank you,

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