[packman] armv7 multimedia not updated since 2015

Oscar C oscar-listas at naiandei.net
Wed Nov 9 20:52:43 CET 2016

El 2016-11-06 16:00, Olaf Hering escribió:
> Am 5. November 2016 13:03:48 MEZ, schrieb Oscar C 
> <oscar-listas at naiandei.net>:
>> Hi,
>> I see on the pbs that the mythtv package is at version 
>> 0.28+git.20160823 but the published version is at 0.27.
>> The URL for the repo I have is 
>> http://pmbs.links2linux.de:82/Multimedia/openSUSE_Factory_ARM/. The 
>> last update for armv7hl is 2015-08-30 whie for >> armv6hl is 
>> 2016-10-31, which is what I would expect.
>> Could anyone look at it?
> I usually do not follow ARM, is there a slim chance that the few
> workers just can't keep up? If new checkins into Factory appear 
> faster
> than ARM can build them, then the repository will will never reach 
> the
> "publishing" state.
> Olaf

Thanks. uhmm, I'm not sure if its because works can't keep up. The fact 
is that armv6hl doesn't have this problem and I suspect that the workers 
are quite similar. But honestly, obs is not my strongest point.

@Guillaume, do you have any idea why the multimedia repo for armv7 is 
frozen in 2015?


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