[packman] FFMPEG complains again (but it seems an error)

stakanov at freenet.de stakanov at freenet.de
Tue May 17 07:08:54 CEST 2016

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> Von: Carlos E. R. 
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> Betreff: Re: [packman] FFMPEG complains again (but it seems an error)
> On 2016-05-16 13:32, stakanov at freenet.de wrote:
>> There has been today a patch for chromium and kde-chromium in Leap.
> You have posted the same thing 11 times!
> All have the same message-id. I don't know if it is your fault or the
> mail list.

Well by the rigor of logic you have already decided. Apparently when the problem to ffmpeg occurred I entered into a deep existential crisis. 
I decided to click the button 11 times (that is you statement: you (that is me) posted 11 times. 
If you would have been of the opinion that this is obviously a malfunction you would have written: this message appeared 11 times in a row. How come?"
Ahhh, communication. 
I do not know whose "fault" it is. I can tell you what I did and then we can figure out. 
This seems to be a misconfiguration between the server of packman and the server of webmail.freenet.de. 
The only message ever posted was the first. No others where posted. The message appeared correctly in the send folder, on the website. And that was the last "normal thing" here. 
I check my mail with pop and Imap. Normally with the imap in one user account, the "send" folder should have shown the the "send" message. Curiously it didn't. Then neither in the pop nor in the imap account I have had a feedback or any message coming in. Not mine, not others. So packman mailing-list (from my perspective) seamed dead. 
I did nothing and waited, knowing that yesterday was a bank holiday in Germany and several other countries. 
The first incoming message I received were this morning. 
It seems that packman looped saying: I cannot receive, and the freenetserver looped by sending the message again.

I do not know if this is connected but both are in Germany and freenet is AFAIK currently changing to the DANE principle. Maybe that could have caused it? I also experienced my ipv4 traffic from a German site (heise.de) being totally blocked these days, nighttime. Pages where delivered in IpV6 Format, my provider is not allowing this format currently (as so may things this is an artificial restraint to push their modem, a BBOX3 as it has been reported on the net). 
So, now if someone reads this of the packman list: my apologies but,within the limits of humanity, I had not influence on this (as it would seem logical). However, the question posted about the version is (for the practical point: the ignoring part) - still valid. The error of dependency itself has been reacted upon yesterday very timely so.... I do not know if out of desperation for repeating messages or just because it was in the pipeline. :-) Thank you for this.   

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