[packman] Crackle noise with Handbrake 0.10.5-1.4 -- not with

Olaf Meltzer olaf.meltzer at gmx.de
Thu Mar 17 11:06:40 CET 2016

Hi all,

This is my workflow:

1.) Receive DVB-T
2.) Cut and demux with ProjectX
3.) Mux video and sound to mpg (MPEG-2) with mplex via script

The resulting MPGs are exellent and perform well on PC and my hardware 
mediaplayer Fantec AluPlay HD 1 TB.

4.1) Convert MPG (MPEG-2) to MP4 (h264) with Handbrake 0.10.5-1.4

MP4 perform well on PC (xine, vlc) -- but playing them on the Fantec, 
I hear short, very loud crackle every few seconds. This is not 
periodicly and not related to loud sounds in the video.

4.2) Convert the same MPG's (MPEG-2) to MP4 (h264) with Handbrake or Handbrake on Windows 10 (don't know exakt 
version), MP4's perform well on PC (xine, vlc) -- _and_ playing them 
on the Fantec is exellent as well!

Anyone experiencing similar?

What's going on there.

Yours sincerely -- Olaf Meltzer

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