[packman] Kodi vs. ffmpeg 2.8

Hendrik Vogelsang hvogel at hennevogel.de
Wed Mar 2 13:09:04 CET 2016


On 02.03.2016 12:43, Olaf Hering wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 02, Hendrik Vogelsang wrote:
>> On 29.02.2016 08:00, Olaf Hering wrote:
>>> On Sun, Feb 28, Hendrik Vogelsang wrote:
>>>> this seems to be a bad combination as it leads to crashes in libavformat in
>>>> av_opt_next whenever something tries to play sounds.
>>> I think the bug is that kodi links against  ffmpeg-2.8 and libX. And
>>> libX in turn links either against ffmpeg-3 or another libY which links
>>> against ffmpeg-3.
>> I doubt that as simply building against ffmpeg-2.8[1] is avoiding the crash.
> It looks like ffmpeg-2.6 is used for this kodi. We can add yet another
> ffmpeg variant and force it via pkgconfig() in kodi.spec.

That sounds like a good idea.

> Since ffmpeg 2.8 is used since a long time already its not really a new
> bug.

14 days isn't really a long time IMHO :-) And as you can see on the kodi 
forums, users get sent away with problems that occur with this combination.


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