[packman] rebuilding gstreamer every day?

Hendrik Vogelsang hvogel at hennevogel.de
Fri Jul 22 12:05:49 CEST 2016


On 19.06.2016 21:36, Richard Brown wrote:

> UNTESTED and NOT SUPPORTED by the openSUSE Project (yet)

You seem to misunderstand our relationship.

Packman does not follow openSUSEs definition of tested and supported. 
The whole reason we have started this repo is because we don't :-)

Additionally everyone seems to misunderstand that we are not here for 
providing multimedia capabilities and other sketchy apps for openSUSE. 
That might be the impression that openSUSE is giving, because it's the 
only situation where openSUSE points to Packman, but it's not what 
Packman is about.

We build software that is not shipped as part of distributions or that 
are shipped as an outdated version. This includes ffmpeg 3.0.2.

If something needs to change, it's openSUSEs understanding of what 
Packman is and with expectations openSUSE gives people about Packman.

And if you need someone that 'just' rebuilds your sketchy packages and 
is taking all the risks this brings you are at the wrong place here, 
sorry :-)


Henne Vogelsang
"To die. In the rain. Alone."
                    Ernest Hemingway

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