[packman] gostcrypt 1.3-1.1 Incorrect password

anonymous fukkgugl at ewe.net
Tue Jan 26 10:48:19 CET 2016

I am using Gostcrypt with OpenSuSE 13.2; this morning I made an update
to gostcrypt 1.3-1.1 and now I can not open my gostcrypt file, I get a
message that the password is wrong, but I'm 100% definitely sure the
password is correct, I used it yesterday in the evening and everything
worked fine.  The message I receive is "Incorrect password or not a
GostCrypt volume".  What can I do now? Is this a bug in the new version
1.3-1.1 or does the new version require some new packages? In YAST
everything seems to be OK.
Is there a way to downgrade gostcrypt to the older version I used before?
The repository I use is
I really hope someone can help me...
Thanks in advance,

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