[packman] [openSUSE Leap] vlc-noX needs rebuilding due to libmatroska6 update

Martin Schlander martin.schlander at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 18:21:44 CET 2016

Tirsdag den 19. januar 2016 15:28:24 skrev Olaf Hering:
> On Wed, Jan 20, Rob McCathie wrote:
> > "vlc-noX-2.2.1-305.1.x86_64 requires libmatroska.so.6(V_1.4.1)(64bit), but
> > this requirement cannot be provided"
> This is an old variant. I think 'zypper dup' is required to replace
> old version 2.2.1-305.1 with the current version 2.2.1-131.3.

Please just do "zypper dup --from [Packman]" or people with messy repos will 
mess up their systems ;-)

Or right click the packages in YaST -> Update unconditionally. The packages 
will have red text, indicating that only lower versions than the installed one 
are available in repos.

Funny thing how OBS sometimes gives newer packages, smaller build numbers.

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