[packman] LMMS and Carla

guus guus.poort at upcmail.nl
Sat Jan 9 19:21:21 CET 2016

Hi Guys

I would like to use Carla with LMMS.

I installed LMMS from the packman repository, and Carla from the obs.

Carla does how ever not show up in LMMS.

Some info but first a pic of what I am not seeing in LMMS:

I of course asked around, to rule out, I was not doing it right.

This was the answer I got from falkTX, the guy who writes Carla ( a 
plugin host)


/falkTX wrote://
//You need to build carla first (the latest git version) and after that 
is installed, build lmms.//
//I have no idea what's on the default opensuse repositories, but it's 
likely that://
//1. they're using the old "stable" version//
//2. lmms was not built with carla pre-installed, thus the carla plugin 
was not made available.//
//contact the maintainer of those packages./

So here I am asking you guys.

Looking forward to youre reply, (I hope I won't have to compile things 

let me end this request,  by saying I really like the work you guys do 
for the mutimedia site of openSUSE.
( even if youre gonna tell me, I will have to compile carla and lmms myself)

Friendly regards, Guus

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