[packman] Moving xmms from Essentials somewhere else

Jörg Lorenzen joerg.lorenzen at ki.tng.de
Thu Jan 7 02:03:30 CET 2016


home repositories are published on http://pmbs-api.links2linux.org:8080/home:/<account> and can be added with YaST.


Am 7. Januar 2016 01:48:36 MEZ, schrieb Marguerite Su <i at marguerite.su>:
>On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 4:58 AM, Michael Schueller
><schueller-berlin-list at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hello Marguerite
>> You´re right, audacious is ok I´m just a little bit sentimental ;-)
>Hi, Michael,
>In case it still means something to you.
>Although universal availability is over.
>You can still create an account on PMBS, branch the packages I dropped
>to zzAttic repository back to your own home and add build targets to
>build it there.
>Then you can download the RPMs. I don't know if home repository is
>allowed to be published on PMBS, the usual repository method may not
>work. But anyway as the author you can always download RPMs
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