[packman] openSUSE 13.2 + KDE4 + gstreamer 1.6

Martin Schlander martin.schlander at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 23:06:36 CET 2016

Mandag den 28. december 2015 21:22:54 skrev Dmitriy Perlow:
> After recent gstreamer 1.4 → 1.6 update KDE became broken.
> /usr/lib64/libgstaudio-1.0.so.0 segfaults, see screenshot
> attached.
> Any tips please?

Dunno about 13.2, but there are similar problems on Leap.

Do 'zypper dup --from [your packman URL]' to ensure you have a consistent set 
of Packman GStreamer packages only.

You might also need to nuke your ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/ and reboot.

Alternatively you can switch to the phonon VLC backend.

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